Question: Map Update Scam Alert

Map Update Scam Alert

Please be aware that the only place to get Magellan GPS map and software updates is Magellan’s Content Management site SmartGPSEco (

Several companies have recently appeared offering map updates and other downloads for Magellan products. Some of these websites include,,, as well as several others. These are not legitimate providers of Magellan maps or updates. In fact, they may ask you to provide remote access to your computer to attempt to steal your personal data.

Please be very careful when looking for Magellan map updates that you are on and not a third-party, potentially unsafe website such as those mentioned above. The only official website to get Magellan map and software updates for your RoadMate is At, Magellan users can get maps and other updates, manage content and more. If you have any questions, please contact the links to contact us on this page.

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